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    Take care of your bottom!

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Take care of your bottom!

IronPillow – shock mitigation base for boat seats

It will protect your back and bottom from bumps
and shaking on the water with twisted wire (yes, it’s true).

IronPillow with locker boat seat pedestal
IronPillow shock mitigation boat seat base
IronPillow with standard boat seat pedestal

See how IronPillow works

IronPillow is useful for those who spend a lot of time on the boat: as a captain or passenger.

Why it's so important

That’s why it is necessary to have additional protection against shaking and bumps on the water - the main causes of injuries and back pain for boaters

«You get used to the comfort that IronPillow brings so quickly, it seems like it has always been there.

Try taking the platform off for a couple of days. You will realize the level of driving pleasure it was giving you».


«The device is worth the money for this kind of performance.

I am thinking about fitting another Iron Pillow into the passenger's seat next season».


«Unbelievable! Now we get the feeling that we are sitting in a fairly good sedan while being on the boat.

We will definitely recommend your platform to everybody who expresses interest in it».


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